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Vivix Shaklee: Functions, Benefits, Meals, Means and Prices, I’m sure many have asked about Vivix Shaklee. Most of the questions or questions are all related to health problems including chronic illnesses. So in this entry, I’ll help you out with a little bit more about Shaklee’s vivix and how she can help with health.

What is Vivix Shaklee ?

Vivix Shaklee is a botanical mixed drink that is the latest revolution in the diet of polyphenols. It contains a unique botanical blend of Muscadine Grapes, Purple Carrot, Elderberry and Polygonum Cuspidatum that makes this Vivix unique.

Functions and Benefits 4 main ingredients in Vivix Shaklee

1. Muscadine – In the Malay language it is called wine grape varieties Muscat and it was wild. That’s why it’s so special. It is the best source of antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Purple Carrot -The best source of Vitamin A and contains phytochemicals including carotenoids, phenolics, polyacetylenes, isocoumarins and sesquuiterpenes including anthocynanins.

3. Elderberry – The scientific name for Elderberry is Sumbucus Nigra. Elderberry fruit grows in Europe, North America, Asia and the Continent of Europe. Elderberry has long been used among traditional medicine practitioners.

4. Polygonum Cuspidatum -Or better known as the Japanese Knotweed. It is native to Asia and can also be found in North America and Europe. This Japanese knotweed is a commercial source of Resveratrol found in red wine skin extract and red grape seed.

More unique, Vivix has 4 powerful PATENT & PATENT PENDINGS to fight and fight aging at the cellular level. 1 patent has been approved and 3 are still pending.

How is Vivix Shaklee acting?

Vivix Shaklee works to combat aging at the sellular level. In a laboratory study, the Vivix Shaklee botanical ingredient has shown its impact on the four main mechanisms of aging at the sellular level:

1. DNA repair – Every day, every now and then, the cells in our bodies change and change. This is a normal process that works. But it was attacked by nearly a million attacks that damaged DNA. Vivix Shaklee works to preserve and restore the body’s DNA by slowing down the process.

2. Improve energy – In our cells there is one energy generator, Mitochondria. But as the role and function of the mitochondria decreases day by day, the cell’s energy decreases as well. This condition causes the cells to become inactive against disease and perform normal functions.

Vivix Shaklee works to promote the activation of new energy mitochondria while also helping to increase the energy levels in the cells. Its effects on brain function, cardiovascular system, immune and joints also work more efficiently.

3. Delays the formation of AGE proton – Protein AGE (advance glycation end products) is a derivative that results from excess protein and protein. You know, excessive accumulation of these AGE proteins can cause cell damage and affect cell integrity and cell life. Vivix ingredients have successfully slowed down AGE’s protein synthesis.

4. Genetic control – The process of aging leads to deterioration of the cellular level. Clinical trials have shown that the Vivix Shaklee ingredient can activate a major genetic control that will help slow down cell aging.

Vivix Shaklee also contains Resveratrol

Resveratrol in Vivix Shaklee is 10 times more powerful than resveratrol itself. And each serving of Vivix Shaklee (one tablespoon) provides 100 mg of resveratrol. This resveratrol also contains 98% natural resveratrol. This shows that Vivix Shaklee is the best anti-aging supplement. It’s so pure and unique.

What is Resveratrol contained in Vivix Shaklee ?

The benefits of resveratrol in this Vivix Shaklee are 3000 glasses of red wine. But the Vivix Shaklee is 10x more powerful than resveratrol. And it does NOT contain alcohol but Vivix Shaklee uses the best natural ingredients and benefits to overall health.

Vivix Shaklee has also received a HALAL certificate from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

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