Shaklee History

Shaklee History

Shaklee History . 104 YEARS LEGACY.

Who is Dr. Forrest Shaklee?
Want to tell a little story about the founder of Shaklee Company

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee was born in November 1894 and when he was born, he did not cry like other babies. In fact, his body is pale and blue. Until the midwife and doctor had to make various efforts to stimulate his breathing.

Baby Forrest was diagnosed with TB, and the doctor who treated him expected him to live only 8 years.

Since the technology at the time was not as advanced as it is today auto immune protocol, the doctor who treated him told his parents that the hope for Dr. Shaklee’s life was very slim.

Because of that, Dr. Shaklee’s family brought their children to move from the mining area to the rural areas of Iowa. In that case, they are closer to nature. Fresh air and fresh food.

From a life expectancy to 8 years je, Forrest lived a happy childhood and adolescence. Forrest spent his growing up being an observer and nature lover because he loved the environment.

He was later free of TB as a teenager but his health is still not very satisfactory.

Forrest needs more effort to be healthier. He began exercising and studied the relationship between body health, nutrients, lifestyle and thinking. One of his tenets is positive thinking.

Forrest is very passionate about the field of chiropractic and he wants to treat people using natural ingredients.

He then studied chiropractic and enrolled in the Plamer School of Chiropractic under B.J Palmer.

In addition, Dr Shaklee also has degrees in nutrition, biochemistry, philosophy and also a degree in spirituality. Some even asked Dr. Shaklee why he chose chiropractic and not a doctorate.

Dr. Shaklee said,

“I don’t underestimate the abilities of a doctor but the field of doctor and my field are very different. Doctors are trained to cure diseases but I am more interested in building health”

Inspired by his own life story, Forrest diligently studied the greatness of God’s created nature. He found that most health problems stem from malnutrition and overeating.

In 1915, Dr. Shaklee opened his first chiropractic premises in Rockwell City, Iowa. Dr. Shaklee touches a lot on the diet of his patients.

In the same year, Dr Shaklee created the world’s first vitamin called ‘Vitalized Minerals’. These ‘Vitalized Minerals’ are produced by isolating minerals and natural compounds from vegetables.

In the same year, he joined and collaborated with a biochemist from Poland, Casimir Funk. Casimir Funk named the compound produced by Dr. Shaklee as a vitamin and that is where the word vitamin began to be used to this day.

By 1924, Dr. Shaklee’s clinic had become one of the most complete clinics with chiropractic services, osteopaths, internists, medical doctors and equipped with surgical equipment. That same year, Dr. Shaklee began bottling and distributing his supplement formulations.

In 1928, he successfully developed the first dietary method of the era and recommended that all his patients follow that diet. The method of nutrition developed is almost similar to the food pyramid we have at the moment that emphasizes the intake of fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates and reduces the intake of fatty and sugary foods.

With the chiropractic and nutritional skills he has, Forrest is determined to help people who are sick and unable to come to see him. With a collaboration by Wilbur and Orville Wrights, Forrest became the first flying doctor in his area.

Forrest began actively treating patients and making sure his patients took a vitamin -rich diet.

His clinic was successful but again Forrest was ill and confirmed the cancer stemmed from exposure to X-rays. And he is not expected to live long. Because of that Forrest’s left arm and leg may be amputated to prevent the cancer from spreading.

Who wants to cover their feet and hands? Because of this, Forrest, who was already married, decided to sell his clinic and focus on getting well. He believes in a positive mind as well as a healthy diet.

Among his motivations is because he wants to continue to serve, causing him to move again to the farm area and start with a diet based on herbs and fruits and supplements in large quantities.

This time he made a combination of 9 herbs for detox resulting in #HerbLax.

In 1922, his illness showed signs of healing after a year of adopting a lifestyle dependent on natural ingredients.

In 1924, Forrest was completely healthy and proved the importance of nutrition was important as he recovered from cancer with the power of nature. But the clinic he visited did not believe it was because of taking care of nutrition and supplements.

Forrest reopened the clinic, and became the “first drugless clinic”. 5 years later, his clinic caught fire, and Forrest converted his vehicle into a motorhome to take the family to California. There he opened a clinic and continued to study.

He returned to actively studying and analyzing the importance of nutrition. He reopened the clinic and treated patients as before with the supplement formulations he made.

One success after another Forrest was able to and then join forces with his children to create awareness of the importance of nutrition.

On April 1, 1956 Shaklee Corporation began operations selling dietary supplements and each customer would be given an understanding of nutrition before they became a customer because Dr. Forrest wants everyone to be aware of the importance of nutrition.

According to Dr. Forrest to his children “We’ll teach some and they’ll teach others”.

With that began the story of Shaklee making strides in the world of supplements until the creation of various types of vitamins for people’s health.

The world’s first and oldest vitamin creator. Vita-Lea

Shaklee Products was founded in Oakland, California by Dr. Forrest C Shaklee, Sr., Forrest. Jr. and Raleigh

Introducing Basic-H, a house cleaning product that does not contain phosphate, concentrated and can be biodegradable.

Expanding the company’s facilities and amenities at National Avenue, Hayward, California.

The Shaklee Convention was held for the first time at the Jack Tar Hotel, San Francisco

The Forrest C Shaklee Research Center was established in Hayward, California

Shaklee Products, Inc. was rebranded as Shaklee Corporation. In one decade, in 1970, sales revenue increased from USD20million to USD320million.

Shaklee Corporate headquaters moved to Emeryville, California

Establishment of Shaklee Japan and Shaklee Canada

First listed on the New York Stock Exchange on 8/2/1977

Corporate headquaters moved to Shaklee Tarraces in San Francisco

Silver Jubilee Anniversary Celebration

Shaklee became a nutrition consultant to the U.S. Ski team. This year’s U.S. ski team has managed to get more gold during the Winter Games championships in Sarajevo than the year before.

Shaklee partnered with Bear Creek Corporation. Product shaklee has given to Voyager pilots, in an effort to produce a world record, traveling the world non -stop.

Daedalus Flight uses Shaklee Performance, a newly introduced energy drink in an effort to create a world record in ‘human powered flight’

The spirit of Dr. Forrest when he was diagnosed with cancer is to be commended for continuing to hold fast to his belief that proper nutrition will cure the disease. He continued to conduct studies and research despite his illness.

Indeed, Forrest was a strong man, high -spirited and unyielding. His legacy is being continued by many SIDs around the world including us.

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