Resveratrol Treat Cancer ?

Resveratrol Treat Cancer ?

Resveratrol Treat Cancer ? Read back the story below, he was really happy, because, the doctor was surprised, within 6 months, the doctor said, it is difficult to treat your cancer, but I see this cancer is difficult to spread. The answer is because of the RESVERATROL content in your body. This is his story in English.

“In October 2006, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I had two lumpectomies, went through chemotherapy, herceptin, radiation and I had a partial hysterectomy. When I finished chemo, I restarted Shaklee’s Nutriferon, Vita-Lea, Osteomatrix, and Sustained Release Vita-C.

PLUS six months prior to my last check up I started on VIVIX. My physician, who is the head surgical oncologist in the breast department at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, said my blood work and exam were excellent! I asked if they were any closer to a cure for breast cancer.The doctor said “No”, but that a substance has been found to treat the individualized expression of breast cancer, for non hormonal breast cancer.They feel it will prevent the re- occurrence of breast cancer and prostate cancer.Moffitt has just put in for a one-million dollar grant for a clinical trial of this substanc.

When I asked “What is the substance?”, The doctor said it was RESVERATROL.

I said I had been taking Shaklee’s VIVIX (Resveratrol) for six months. The doctor looked surprised, and said “You’re the first person that we have ever seen that had such great results with Resveratrol. I will request for you to be a patient advocate during the testing.”

If the grant is approved I would be thrilled that I will be helping the Susan B. Komen Foundation in this study. Taking Vivix, NutriFeron and other supplements takes the edge off my cancer fears, knowing that they may prevent the re-occurrence of cancer. – Barbara W. Seminole, FL 9/17/2009 “

Hoo, good luck to the patient, practice VIVIX in 6 months before the checkup, until Dr tuh invites him to be the subject of a foundation. It’s the best, very vivix right? Why is resveratrol so powerful?

4 Studies show that Resveratrol is very beneficial for the following cancer cases:

A study of bowel cancer by comparing a controlled group against a given group of different doses of resveratrol. Doses as high as 100 nanograms / ml have the potential to inhibit the growth of cancer cells significantly compared to the control group and lower doses.

  • Studies on breast cancer sufferers have shown that resveratrol inhibits cell growth significantly and promotes cell proliferation and death in the spread of breast cancer.
  • Studies on lung cancer show that resveratrol in higher doses (10mg / kg) prevents the growth and spread of cancer cells to other organs and prevents the growth of new blood vessels to cancer cells.
  • Studies on prostate cancer show that resveratrol has inhibited the growth of prostate cancer cells based on histological diagrams. According to a study conducted by Rush Medical University, the high resveratrol content helps prevent tissue damage. This may be due to the improved tissue and the body’s painkillers system can function better.

So you want to get the best RESVERATROL source?

The answer is in VIVIX SHAKLEE products !! 13 times more power than ORDINARY RESVERATROL !!! Vivix is ​​a botanical blend, a recent revolution in polyphenol nutrition. Polyphenols are a group of phytochemicals consisting of plant compounds that contain antioxidant properties and natural anti-aging cells. Vivix contains a unique botanical blend of Polygonum Cuspidatum, Muscadine Grape, European Elderberry and Purple Carrot that is rich in polyphenols. The 4 facts below prove vivix is ​​great. Resveratrol Treat Cancer ?

Vivix contains resveratrol.

In fact, Vivix is ​​proven to be 10 times more energetic than resveratrol, in addition to not containing alcohol, instead using only natural ingredients, without artificial coloring and additional flavors and HALAL!

Scientists have conducted a study and the results of the study found that the French people like to eat high-fat meat and drink a lot of wine, but the rate of heart disease remains low in France. After years of research, scientists discovered the secret behind the French Paradox found in Resveratrol contained in red wine.

One serving of Vivix contains the same amount of resveratrol as found in 100 glasses of red wine.

If you want to compare with other juice drinks. Vivix is ​​preceded by only 1 teaspoon a day able to supply ORAC * value needed by the body. 3000-5000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of different foods).


You want to look young and feel young. We all age and constant stress, environmental toxins, and health issues can lead to premature aging. 

Research has found that aging starts with your cells. The health of our cells is reflected both in how we look and how we feel. Our cells are continuously damaged by exposure to free radicals. Free radicals can damage cell components like DNA, and trigger inflammation, thus contributing to cellular aging. Even the simple act of eating a meal can result in the formation of free radicals. 

Resveratrol and polyphenols can fight free radicals and fight the aging process at cellular level. Laboratory studies suggested that a polyphenol blend of Muscadine grape, Polygonum Cuspidatum, Purple Carrot and European Elderberries can: 

  1. Help your cells protect and repair DNA and combat free radicals
  2. Slow the formation of damaging AGE proteins that can lead to cellular aging 
  3. Help promote the health of telomeres which protect chromosomes 

Aging is inevitable, but the daily choices you make to take care of yourself can slow the aging process. It also increase the odds of living a long, happy and healthy life. You can choose to take a proactive approach to aging by consuming a diet rich in resveratrol and polyphenols. Age gracefully and look and feel younger, longer. Resveratrol Treat Cancer ?

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