16 Benefits Of Shaklee Soy Protein

16 Benefits Of Shaklee Soy Protein

16 Benefits Of Shaklee Soy Protein. In November 2004, Dr. Nasr (Dr. Nasr has a B.S. in Agronomy; M.S. in Biochemistry of anti-oxidants and a PHD. in Pharmacognosy (science of bio-active products).

He received his M.D. from Rush Medical College in Chicago, followed by Internal Medicine and Cardiology fellowships from Chicago Medical School. He is a member of the American College of Nutraceuticals and the American College of Preventive Medicine and is Director of the Medical Care & Diagnostic Center, Lake Villa, Il.) spoke on the benefits of soy. If you want please feel free to pass this along to your acquaintances.

16 Benefits Of Shaklee Soy Protein

He uses Shaklee Soy exclusively because it has the very best and most complete soy protein and isoflavone content. You can feel so very good about Shaklee’s soy protein, and how we can help so many people who are looking for ways to improve their health.

1. Optiflora and Soy Protein increase the absorption of protein, decrease gas and discomfort and decrease cholesterol by 23%
2. Sixty (60) studies have been conducted showing soy protein increases bone density more than just Calcium Magnesium does.
3. Two studies show that soy and vitamin E, together,decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) by 40% and that is 17% greater decrease than Zocor and Lipitor
4. Four studies show that soy protein inhibits oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol) by 40%. When cholesterol oxidizes, it becomes “sticky” and builds up on the arterial walls, which leads to clogged arteries.
5. Soy prevents gall stones. It doesn’t dissolve them but it prevents them.
6. Soy prevents kidneys from damage. Lots of animal protein may be hard on the kidneys, but soy protein protects the kidneys
7. French fries at major fast food establishments are crispy. That is a value for the store. Some french fries are coated with a protein substance that when combined with the sugar in the potato and then heated, gives them added crispness. Unfortunately that combination of sugar, protein and high heated fat produces a carcinogen. Probably a good idea to avoid all French fries.
8. Shaklee’s protein includes valuable protein and isoflavones that are not present in other soy proteins produced with heat or chemicals. Shaklee’s low heat – water wash process keeps the isoflavones in the protein. Isoflavones are natural cancer fighting ingredients that occur naturally in soy.
9. Soy’s protein and Isoflavones inhibit the mutated cell’s ability to make an enzyme that would cause the cell to continue reproducing and form a tumor.
10. Soy inhibits the cancer cell from making blood vessels that invade arteries and zap nutrients (this process is called angiogenesis).
11. Soy increases the killing effect of the white blood cells (phagocytosis).
12. Soy’s amino acid Lysine when combined with Vitamin C decreases Colon Cancer by 90%.
13. The flavanoids (like those in Shaklee’s Flavomax) when combined with Soy Protein are synergistic (they work even better together) and decrease breast cancer 10 fold.
14. Beta carotene (like those in Shaklee’s CarotoMax) when combined with Soy Protein and Calcium with Vitamin D are 10 times as effective at preventing cancer cells from getting an addition blood supply.
15. Women in the Orient get about 80mg of Isoflavones a day women in US and Europe get about 1.0 mg. That is an 80% negative difference for US and Europe.
16. Soy protein helps the differentiated cell (bad cell) convert back to a normal cell

The Seven Benefits of Shaklee Protein vs. Other Soy Proteins

Do not purchase soy powders and expect them to produce positive health results unless you know the manufacturer has met the following seven ESSENTIAL quality controls. As you’ll see, Shaklee Protein meets all seven quality controls.

1. Uses Only Organic-Grown Soybeans

Compared to their organic counterpart, studies have shown decreased levels of food nutrients and increased levels of nitrates in chemically fertilized crops. There is a connection between the ingestion of nitrates and cancer! Therefore, it is crucial that the soybeans used are organically grown with no pesticides, fungicides used during the growing process.

Shaklee goes beyond organic when growing the soybeans used in their products. Meaning they don’t just grow organically, they test for chemicals afterward that might have come from car exhausts on nearby roads or chemicals used on other non-organic fields that might have blown over! For more information on Shaklee’s organic philosophy check out our article Beyond Organic.

2. Uses Non-GMO Soybeans

Most companies producing soy products look for ways to save money. While genetically engineered soybeans are controversial, they are much cheaper to purchase and thus are the most used. Shaklee, allowing nothing to chance, and not scrimping on quality, only uses Non-GMO soybeans. For more information on GMO go to https://www.nongmoproject.org/gmo-facts/

3. Contains All Nine Essential Amino Acids

One of the most valuable features of the soybean is that it is a complete protein and provides ALL nine of the essential amino acids. The body requires these essential amino acids daily to produce hormones, digestive juices, antibodies, and enzymes. However, not all soybeans are created equal. Quality and amino acid content will vary based on soil conditions, growing and harvest conditions.

If one essential amino acid is missing, the immune system can be depressed 30%. Many important body functions can be delayed or stopped. Therefore, it is essential that each batch of soybeans get checked for amino acid content. Only then can you depend on the soy isolate to provide a GUARANTEED supply of the nine essential amino acids. Shaklee does this level of testing to guarantee its protein contains all nine of the essential amino acids.

4. Only Cold Water Washed

Many companies making protein powders use alcohol to wash their soy. However, alcohol washing destroys isoflavone content up to 88%! It is the isoflavones that reduce the risk of breast, prostate, lung and bowel cancer! It is the isoflavones that are so beneficial in hormone balancing and increasing bone mass. Only water-washed soy maintains the phytochemicals and phytoestrogens in the soy. Shaklee only uses a cold water wash to process soybeans.

5. All Anti-tyrosine and Anti-growth Substances Removed

Asians, who have consumed large amounts of soy for years, have known RAW soy contains an “anti-growth,” “anti-tyrosine” substance. Tyrosine deficiency will cause low blood pressure, low body temperature, and restless leg syndrome. Therefore, Asians always lightly cook their soy foods to deactivate the “anti-tyrosine/anti-growth” substance. Dr. Shaklee realized early on that he had to separate the protein from the raw soybean and leave behind the enzymes that contained the anti-tyrosine substance.

6. Soy Processed without High Heat

Enzymes are essential for protein utilization. However, when a protein heats to 110°, it destroys the enzymes. There is a process called a “Mallard” reaction–whenever you cook food you de-nature it and make it into something different. That’s why the Chinese would take tofu, which is a water extract of soy curd, cook it and eat it right away before there was any time for degradation.

In some studies, it shows cooking protein destroys up to 50% of some ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS. If an individual consistently consumes a diet that is lacking in all the essential amino acids, inadequate brain development, and hormones, or other body tissue development can be the result.

That is why Shaklee, unlike many other companies, does not go over 56° of heat when producing their soy protein products. Shaklee has designed an extracting process that keeps the soy in a raw form to maintain the HIGHEST LEVEL OF AMINO ACIDS and ISOFLAVONES.

7. The Soy Isolate Must Have Calcium Added

Another negative report about soy states that soy powders are VERY ACIDIC and cause bone loss because it causes calcium to draw from the bones. The raw soybean is a NEUTRAL food—neither acidic nor alkaline. However, the removal of the soybean oil (which is essential so the soy powder will not go rancid quickly) makes the powder very acidic. Therefore, adding adequate calcium (which is very alkaline) to cause the powder to be neutral again, or it can cause the above-stated problem. Shaklee adds the needed calcium while many other protein powder manufacturers add none or not enough calcium.

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